360 High Definition Screensaver

360 High Definition Screensaver

360 High Definition Screensaver will bring panoramic pictures to your screen
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Are you looking for a new and different screensaver?
Are you tired of all the usual commercial screensavers available in the Internet?
360 High Definition Screensaver will bring panoramic pictures to your screen.

Are you familiar with what people call panoramic pictures?
Probably you have seen many of them and even own a couple from your graduation or from a congress with many people.
They are those very wide pictures taken with a special camera that rotates certain amount of degrees, capturing a very wide image.

This unique screensaver is what it does. It will display panoramic pictures that will complete a 360-degree circle.
You will feel as if you were in the middle of the scene with a video camera, rotating on your feet to capture everything around you in one continuous movement.
The screensaver includes 4 beautiful 360-degree images of different parts of Australia, but now you can even use your own.
They will even provide instructions on how to construct your own panoramic pictures of any theme that you want.

The effect is awesome. You really field as if you were just turning around watching everything in a complete circle.
360 High Definition Screensaver will definitely attract your attention and that of passers by. It will soon become one of your favorite screensavers.

Fernando Soni
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  • Awesome effect
  • The included images are great
  • You can add your own pictures


  • Nothing worth mentioning
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